My name is Colin Boyd and I’m the Admin of Everything Troon Business Directory.


Everything Troon Business Directory was created to let the local people of Troon know what goods and services are available in Troon, before going further afield.

The Business Directory is really easy to sign up to and use, and if anyone has any difficulty I will be available to help either by email, phone or meeting.

Unlike other advertising outlets, Everything Troon Business Directory treats everyone the same.

What this means is that every business that signs up will have the exact same amount of space to advertise in.

No more of large business grabbing a half page in a paper or magazine and the small business paying for a credit card size box near the last page.

If interested then please read on.

Any business signing up will receive 3 month of free advertising. Even if you don’t like the concept whats wrong with 3 month free advertising.

If after the free 3 month, you would like to continue, then we have two basic plans.

Our Best plan is £30 per month (30 Days) total. This should be suitable to most businesses either large of small.

Best plan Features are.

Map display showing where you are and directions if required.

Contact information.

Image gallery. Post photos of your goods or services.

Post a video of what you do and how you do it. People like videos.

Business tag lines.

Website link.

FAQs for potential customers.

Tags and key words to help our search feature.


Deals offers and Discounts,

And Events.

Unlike the normal advertising outlets, with Everything Troon you are in charge.

You can change everything listed above at any time, and as often as you please.

You are in control of everything.


I have also created a Community Forums www.everythingtroon1.co.uk with all forum functions along with live chat rooms.

Also a Classified Ads site for local people www.everythingtroon2.co.uk

Many thanks

Colin Boyd (Admin) Tel: 07869 135712